Socialism and Liberation Vol. 2, No. 2

February 2005

Socialism and Liberation Magazine
Vol. 2, No. 2: February 2005

Imperialism and the Tsunami

In memory
Cuban photographer Ahmed Velazquez, 1965-2004  (Bill Hackwell)

U.S. working class
Technology and the impact on workers’ wages under capitalism (Keith Pavlik)
The case of the Angola 3  (Marina Drummer)

Black History Month
Angelo Herndon: ‘Indict the social system!’

What is class struggle? (Nathalie Hrizi)
AIDS: grappling with a global crisis  (Saul Kanowitz)
The Palestinian kaffiyeh: a symbol of solidarity (Muna Coobtee)

The tsunami: Imperialism and class struggle in the face of disaster (Ian Thompson)
South Africa and the struggle for equality (Caneisha Mills)

Latin America
Activists witness gains of Venezuelan revolution 
“The Call of Caracas”: Against hegemony, in defense of humanity
Millions mobilize against U.S. war threats (Gloria La Riva)
Argentina: Workers’ control in the wake of economic collapse (Alicia Jrapko)

Middle East
Iraqi people expose the myth of U.S. invincibility (Richard Becker)
Balance sheet of the Iranian revolution (Mazda Majidi)
U.S. government steps up drive against Iran (Andy McInerney)

En Español
Cuba moviliza millones contra las amenazas de guerra por parte de E.E.U.U.
Sudáfrica y la lucha por la igualdad
La lucha de clase en tiempo de desastre
Control obrero después del colapso económico

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