Protest ‘unwelcomes’ Attorney General Alberto Gonzales

Some 30 people participated in a protest at the Santa Clara Marriott, where Attorney General Alberto Gonzales spoke

July 21 on the Bush administration’s reactionary proposals for “comprehensive immigration reform.” Participants in the protest, initiated by South Bay Mobilization, included the Ronald Reagan Home for the Criminally Insane street-theater troupe, the Raging Grannies, the ANSWER Coalition (Act Now to Stop War and End Racism), Veterans for Peace and World Can’t Wait.

Signs carried by protesters at a busy nearby intersection addressed Gonzales’s association with the Bush administration’s approval of torture at Guantanamo and Abu-Ghraib, the United States invasion of Iraq, and the Bush administration backing for Israel’s assault on Gaza and Lebanon in addition to his endorsement of Bush’s “immigration reform” proposals.

Protesters enthusiastically took flyers announcing the Aug. 12 National Emergency March in San Francisco to defend the people of Palestine and Lebanon.


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