Israeli plans to bomb Syria fail

Israeli Air Force jets illegally invaded Syrian airspace on Sept. 6. The secret, pre-dawn operation was aimed at destroying Syria’s defense missile system. However, the operation failed and the Israeli aircraft fled after being fired upon by Syria’s air defenses.

Azmi Bishara, a Palestinian former Knesset Member now in exile, commented on the unprovoked attack plan: “Without getting carried away, this was a full blown aerial operation.”

Israel’s role in the Middle East is, and has always been, that of the henchman of U.S. imperialism. In July 2006, the U.S. government and Israel launched a murderous campaign in Lebanon and in Gaza against the Lebanese resistance force Hezbollah and the Palestinian people.

Washington is also coordinating this new Israeli hostile operation toward Syria, which is an independent state in a region dominated by U.S. client states.

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