PSL commemorates the 60th anniversary of the Chinese Revolution

PSL commemorates the 60th anniversary
of the Chinese Revolution

China: Revolution
and Counterrevolution
A Marxist view of China’s revolution
& the challenges it faces today

China: Revolution and Counterrevolution

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Sixty years ago, on October 1, 1949, Mao Zedong announced the victory of the Chinese Revolution. Standing in Beijing’s Tiananmen Square, Mao proclaimed, “China has stood up.” Mao was right.

The Chinese Revolution changed the world. It liberated a quarter of humanity from landlordism, exploitation and humiliating imperialist domination. It inspired hope among hundreds of millions of people living under colonialism and neo-colonialism in Asia, Africa and Latin America.

Victory would have been unimaginable without the existence of the Chinese Communist Party and the extraordinary military it created, the People’s Liberation Army. The CCP-led government charted a course to build a new, socialist society.

Within a few years, the People’s Republic of China virtually eliminated mass famine and illiteracy. Health care, education, employment, housing and food became fundamental rights guaranteed to everyone. While these rights were weakened with the implementation of “market socialism” policies, beginning in 1978, current living conditions for Chinese workers and farmers are far better than they were before the revolution.

Today, China cannot be ignored. Every major news outlet is covering the celebrations of China’s revolution and its many accomplishments. Most of the coverage, especially in the United States, is biased and suffused with clear hatred for the Chinese Communist Party. China’s socialist revolution caused the U.S. capitalists and their politicians in Washington to enter an anti-communist frenzy that has not disappeared. The idea of China for the Chinese people—and not at the service of imperialism—is still anathema to the U.S. rulers.

This view dominates the discourse on China today. A true appraisal of China’s impact on human history, along with the present challenges it faces, is nowhere to be found.

But progressives and revolutionaries who want the real story have somewhere to turn. The book “China: Revolution and Counterrevolution,” published by the PSL, is it. “China: Revolution and Counterrevolution” uses a Marxist analysis to identify political and social trends in China, making a unique and much-needed contribution to the left.

The 228-page book includes of analysis of the Chinese Revolution, its unparalleled gains, the present Chinese economy, the movement toward capitalist restoration, and how progressive people in the United States can lend their support to the people of China.

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Table of Contents

I. Overview: What do socialists defend in China today?

II. China today
— Capitalism and socialism in China
— Is China’s foreign policy of appeasement sustainable?
— Independent development vs. imperialist domination
— Behind U.S. smears against China
— Tibet, imperialism, and self-determination
— Tiananmen Square and the threat of counterrevolution

III. China and socialism
— Lenin and the NEP: Can market methods build socialism?
— China’s ‘socialist market economy’
— An appeal from within the CPC: ‘Precarious is China’s socialism!’

IV. China’s revolutionary legacy
— The Red Army: a new kind of military
— The contributions of Mao Zedong
— The Sino-Soviet split
— Phases of China’s socialist revolution

V. En espanol: Que es lo que defendemos en China de hoy?

Appendix: PSL Resolution on China

This 228-page book is being used for study groups around the country. Consider ordering multiple copies and use it for collective study.

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