Protest at Giants stadium
Protest at Giants stadium, May 29
Photo: Bill Hackwell

On May 29, a protest in San Francisco, meant to coincide
with Arizona’s Day of Action in Phoenix, attracted well over 500 people who
marched from downtown to the Giants’ AT&T Ballpark. The Arizona
Diamondbacks, whose owner, Kirk Kendrick, hosts fundraising events for
right-wing supporters of the racist law SB 1070, visited San Francisco only to be
welcomed by immigrant rights groups, teachers, gay-rights activists, labor
unions, and Giants fans who all stood united against Arizona’s anti-immigrant

The action, called by the May Day 2010
Coalition, of which the ANSWER Coalition (Act Now to Stop War and End Racism)
and the Party for Socialism and Liberation are a part, gathered at Justin
Herman Plaza in downtown San Francisco and marched along the bay towards the
stadium. The “Amnistía Incondicional para Todos ¡Ahora!” banner, which sums up
the demands of the immigrant-rights struggle, led the march.

The lively crowd of 100 that left the plaza
quickly swelled to over 500 as the march arrived at the Giants stadium. As the
protest approached the main plaza, chants echoed throughout the ballpark, “El Pueblo Unido, Jamás Sera Vencido!” and “We are People, We are not Illegal, NO!”

The demands of the march were: repeal SB 1070,
support the boycott of Arizona, and amnesty and unconditional rights for all.
Many of the fans raised their fists in solidarity with the diverse and militant
crowd. Activists gave out literature to the baseball fans informing them about
the injustices in Arizona; many were well informed and supported the demands of
the marchers. People carried signs supporting the Giants, who ended up crushing
the Diamondbacks 12 to 1.

The large picket line ended in a rally that
informed people about the historic 50,000-strong march in Arizona and asked
participants to continue fighting in the streets for equality and justice.
“Amnesty and Unconditional Rights for All!”