LGBT students stand up to wave of anti-gay graffiti

Over the last four months, the struggle of LGBT students against anti-gay hate has grown in response to a recent wave of hate speech graffiti on campuses nationwide.

In late-May, two Southern Oregon University students graffiti-ed anti-gay hate speech throughout a gender-neutral dormitory. The vandals targeted the new mixed-gender dorm, and named specific students in their graffiti. This followed an earlier incident in February on the University of Oregon, Eugene campus, where a swastika was painted in the office of the LGBTQ Alliance.

Vandals at Sage College in New York sprayed anti-gay graffiti on a vehicle that displayed a rainbow bumper sticker, in April. In response, students held a rally in solidarity with the LGBT fight against homophobia. At the University of California, Davis, students found anti-gay hate graffiti, in February, in the office of the LGBT resource center. Students responded by covering the hate speech with messages of support.

Workers must unite in the struggle against homophobia to eliminate all legal and social forms of discrimination against the LGBT community. Full equality for all! Down with the Defense of Marriage Act!


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