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Chicago: Justice for Jeffrey Pendleton, fight for $15

IMG_1215On April 14, the fight for $15 and a union took place in 300 cities and 40 countries. Workers in Chicago went on strike and took the streets in front of the different big box stores in the Loop, various Chicago universities and more.

“By striking today we are collectively holding McDonalds accountable because it is the right and fair thing to do, and we will win,” said Dominique, a warehouse worker who makes cups for McDonalds. Slogans and chants included, “McJobs Cost Us All!” and “If we don’t get it, shut it down!”.

Also highlighted during the Fight for $15 action was solidarity and justice for Jeffrey Pendleton. Pendleton was a homeless Black fast food worker and Fight for $15 activist who died in police custody because he could not afford to post a $100 bail. Jeffrey Pendleton was in the chants, speeches and thoughts of workers who were out on strike against the very conditions that led to the death of Jeffrey Pendleton. One speaker said, “His death is the direct result of low wages IMG_1255and a system that invests only in incarceration.” The connection between low wages, poverty, capitalism and the loss of Jeffrey Pendleton was noted as a systemic issue people will continue to fight against.

The rally ended in front of McDonalds with speeches, chants and a mariachi band. The fight for $15 and a union will continue to grow to more cities and countries. All revolutionaries should stand with  workers fighting for better wages, conditions, and control over their work places with a union.


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