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Chester County, PA activists hold “Skate for Black Lives” event

Dozens came out to Skate for Black Lives on October 10 at the skatepark in Downingtown, Penn. The event was organized by the Party for Socialism and Liberation and Chester County Stands Up. Attendees brought handmade Black Lives Matter signs to show support for the national uprising against racism. The event was planned after skateboarder Anthony Huber was shot and killed by white supremacist Kyle Rittenhouse in Kenosha, Wisconsin, protesting the racist police shooting of Jacob Blake.

During the event people skateboarded, shared food and talked about revolutionary socialism and the struggle against white supremacy. PSL members led discussions about how the rise in white supremacist terrorism is a direct response to the resurgence in socialism and the movement against racist police terror.

Nydea Graves, an organizer with Chester County Stands Up, told Liberation News how the two organizations planned the event because “we wanted to use skateboarding to bring people out to raise awareness for the fight for Black lives which includes defunding and abolishing the police and canceling the rents and mortgages.”

Cameron George, a local skater who helped organize the event, said that he hoped that events like Skate For Black Lives and the broader national uprising against racism “brought people together with love for each other instead of hate.”

Liberation News also spoke to a second grader and her mom attending the event. When asked why she came to Skate For Black Lives the girl said, “I care about all my friends.” Her mother added, “We are here because we want to be a part of the movement.”

Another attendee said, “What gives me hope is seeing our kids denounce racism. It’s got to change!”

Other skateboarders told Liberation News that they “want to see change. Change is the biggest word ever. What has been going on now is just terrible.”

A local anti-racist activist, when asked where the movement goes from here, said, “If we see our demands are not being met, we need to stay in the streets. We need to make sure we are present and keep showing up so that our voices are heard.”

PSL organizers stressed that regardless of what happens in the November elections, the people must keep up the struggle for socialism and against racism.

Energized by supporting the national movement against racism and connecting with activists and other skaters, participants asked the organizers for more Skate for Black Lives events in the future!

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