Clinton lies, the planet dies

War criminals together: Henry Kissinger and Hillary Clinton
War criminals together: Henry Kissinger and Hillary Clinton

Hillary Clinton, neocon war monger and loyal friend of the big banks and the ruling elite, shares the goals and greed for oil of Wall Street and the Pentagon. Her hawkish policies are driven by the quest for oil of the capitalists. The blood and deaths of countless innocent civilians are not her concern. The environmental contamination of whole countries and regions are never factored in to the heinous war plans by Clinton and her cronies in the State Department and the Pentagon.

Among her many crimes, she supported the war in Iraq and military aggression for regime change, with countless assaults on countries including Libya, Syria and beyond.

While climate change threatens the planet, and remains a major issue with voters across the country, TV debate moderators of the election cycle — from the corporate media — continue to completely ignore the issue, even though the differences between the candidates are of great importance to the voters.

In spite of Hillary Clinton’s brash talk and shrill demagogy about “stopping global warming” and “countering climate change,” a close look at her record reveals that her loyalty is to big oil profits and global domination, all of which mean catastrophic costs to the planet.

While supporting tepid proposals from the Obama administration to regulate emissions, regulate power plants, and other pollutants, Clinton in reality is a major promoter of U.S. exporting of fracking technologies all over the globe. According to Mother Jones magazine (09/2014), “Under her [Clinton’s] leadership, the State Department worked closely with energy companies to spread fracking around the globe.”

Small wonder when you consider that the Clinton Foundation takes in millions of dollars from Big Oil and ExxonMobil, plus millions from the reactionary government of Saudi Arabia, and other big oil cartels.

While speaking in broad terms about how concerned she is about global warming, her baseline proposals, as is true around most of her positions, are empty and without any teeth. Her problem with free tuition for students, universal free quality healthcare, reforming the rigged electoral system, etc.. is that it’s too daunting, not realistic, too expensive, and so on. She states that taking on big oil would be “a difficult sell” even though a large majority of people in the United States support limiting emissions and other programs.

In 2006 Clinton went on record, siding with the Republicans, by voting in favor of a bill opening new Gulf coast areas to offshore drilling.

To this day, when asked about her position on Keytone XL, Clinton refuses to give an answer. “You won’t get me to talk about Keystone because I have steadily made clear that I’m not going to express an opinion.” Really? (NY Daily News)

The terrible legacy of the U.S. genocidal war against Iraq, which she voted for, underscores Clinton’s disregard for the planet and its peoples. From Agent Orange in Vietnam, to depleted uranium in the Middle East, to the endless degradation of the environment by the U.S. war machine, U.S. imperialism stands guilty of murder by toxins and pollutants, ordered by U.S. imperialists, all for plunder and profit.

You don’t have to look far to see that Clinton stands with this power center of war and destruction, and is funded by its Wall Street backers

Capitalist politicians, pandering to issues such as climate change, with no resolve to go after big oil and big polluters in any real way, are in reality simply endorsing the status quo of increasing alarm about our planet. Real change will mean revolutionary change and the dismantling of the imperialist monolith.

The clock is ticking for Planet Earth. We have no time to waste in mounting a mass global struggle against imperialism and capitalist rule. A socialist system is the sole viable alternative to the ravages of capitalism and imperialism. Phony demagogues such as Hillary Clinton and her tiny clique of billionaires stand in the way of progress and environmental justice.

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