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Dallas protest against Bolsonaro

On May 16, around 150 protesters gathered outside of Old Parkland in Dallas to protest an appearance by far-right Brazilian president Jair Bolsonaro. He was present at a luncheon hosted by the Dallas World Affairs Council.  The well-known bigot and misogynist was being presented with a “Person of the Year Award” from the Brazilian-American Chamber of Commerce inside the exclusive campus that is home to over 100 companies. 

In attendance to the event at Old Parkland were billionaires Ray Hunt, Ross Perot Jr., and former U.S. senator Phil Gramm. Bolsonaro also met with ExxonMobil CEO Darren Woods during his visit. The protest event was the second part of a two-day effort, following Bolsonaro’s itinerary while in Dallas. Protesters represented a variety of voices, including Red Handed Warrior Society, QueerBomb Dallas, CODEPINK Dallas, Dallas Peace and Justice Center, Resistencia ATX, Veterans for Peace, Freedom Road Socialist Organization and the Party for Socialism and Liberation. PSL members held signs reading: “NO to Bolsonaro in DFW!”, “Defend LGBTQ Lives!” and “Texas Against Bolsonaro!” Brazilians protesting Bolsonaro led chants like “Ele Não!” “Who Killed Marielle?” and “Brazil Deserves Better!” Speakers quoted Bolsonaro’s hateful rhetoric regarding gay people and women to audible booing, chanting “Shame! Shame!”

All revolutionary and progressive people should  condemns reactionaries like Bolsonaro and reject their presence from New York to Texas. 

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