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Saturday, August 4, 12:00noon – 5:00pm
Registration & Check-in begins at 11:00am
Warehouse 508, 1st Street NW, Albuquerque NM

For too long the corporations, banks and Pentagon have ruled society. The result? Half of all people are living at or below poverty levels. Schools are underfunded. Social services are gutted. Wages are at an all-time low. Millions have fallen victim to addiction, and the government has no answer other than more and more jails.

With the billionaires and their politicians running the show, our children and families now face a global ecological crisis and the constant danger of war. Racism and bigotry have not been defeated but are on the rise.

Come join a discussion about the alternative to the capitalist system—socialism. Socialism would mean getting rid of the rule of the super-rich who only care about profits for the few, and using the wealth of society, created by working people, to guarantee everyone’s right to a job, housing, healthcare, education and a sustainable and secure environment.

The super-rich have two parties. The people — workers, students, youth and the unemployed — we need our own party and movement!