Elsalvador-fmlnThe Farabundo Martí National Liberation Front, FMLN – Northern California, is honored to have the opportunity to salute the PSL on its 10th Anniversary.

As we have struggled alongside the PSL in the Anti-war and in the Latin American Solidarity Movements, we have come to respect and admire the PSL as one of the leading forces in the process of the integration of the Left at the local, national and continental levels. Their efforts to build a broad social movement in support of the Peoples of the Middle East, North Africa, Latin America and the Caribbean, as well as their role in the Free the Five Movement and in the organization of the First Foro de Sao Paulo in the United States demonstrates their commitment to International Solidarity and the Global Struggle for Socialism.

At the local level, the PSL has been an inspiration for the FMLN-Northern California, not only for their dedication to popular causes such as gentrification and police brutality, but also for the working class conscience, revolutionary fervor and human warmth that all their militants have shared with our militants along the common struggle.

For all that, we call you, brothers and sisters in the struggle, COMPAÑEROS! and wish you many victories in your path towards SOCIALISM and LIBERATION!