According to U.S. Census data, one-third of working families are
struggling to meet their basic needs. Now, in a time of huge corporate
bonuses and record corporate profits and after the greatest corporate
welfare ever, actual welfare for the working class could be slashed.

recently passed $858 billion tax bundle, which includes a two-year
extension of the Bush-era income tax cuts for the wealthy, was signed
into law Dec. 17.

Meanwhile, the number of working families receiving food stamps increased 16 percent over the past year.

average recipient receives $133 in food stamps per month. If the ruling
class does not extend the stimulus funding beyond the 2013 expiration, a
family of three could see a decrease of $49 a month. In these
depression-like times, workers are expected to tighten our belts while
the capitalist ruling class enjoys bailouts and handouts.