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Fresno socialists protest US-backed coup in Bolivia

On Nov. 17, the Fresno chapter of the Party for Socialism and Liberation held a demonstration to spread awareness and build solidarity for the Bolivian struggle against the fascist-led, racist coup against President Evo Morales.

Cruz Rodriguez of Fresno PSL gave a passionate speech about the impact of U.S. imperialism on democratically elected leaders. Rodriguez explained that imperialism has been behind the removal of these leaders, who then are replaced by far-right puppet governments. These governments oppress their own people and open the people’s lands, resources and economies to be pillaged and plundered by greedy U.S. corporate tyrants.

The demonstration brought to light issues that go mostly unseen or distorted by the corporate media. Protests in Fresno and other cities around the country have drawn attention to the struggle for socialism and self-determination in Bolivia.


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