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(Guest statement on Italian political crisis)Eurocratic authoritarianism vs. fascist plebiscitarism: It’s the night of the republic

Fronte Popolare’s Statement on Italian Political Crisis:

The failure of Giuseppe Conte’s attempt to form the government, determined by the veto opposed by the President of the Republic Mattarella to the appointment of Paolo Savona to the Ministry of Economy and Finance, represents a black page for Italian democracy. Despite the pro-EU act of faith carried out by Savona in the past few hours, a censorship on the sole merit of his eurosceptic positions prevailed, as the President of the Republic gave rise to an unprecedented breach of the most elementary democratic norms. The message is that the only position legitimated to express itself at the top of the State is the technocratic orthodoxy blessed by Brussels and Berlin. The fascist demagoguery of Salvini’s Lega is thus legitimized to represent the demands of change coming from a country suffocated by the economic crisis and prostrated by seven years of technocratic authoritarianism devoted to austerity, that was imposed at the helm of the Republic with the coup of November 2011 from which the Monti government was born and continued by the Letta, Renzi and Gentiloni cabinets.

Democratic Party’s compliance towards a liberticidal and classist submission to European technocracy’s diktats and to Atlantic compatibilities, embodied also by the attitude held by the President of the Republic, irresponsibly paves the way to Salvini’s neo-fascist authoritarianism, which in fact has never been a real alternative to the fundamental contents of European compatibility. It wasn’t sufficient even the 5 Star Movement’s candidacy as representatives of the same compatibilities: the country is therefore tied to the imposition of a continuity of “deep state” ‘s nomenclature, built in seventy years of Atlantic loyalty as the sole guarantor of absolute negation of whatsoever freedom of choice, for the Italian people as well as for all the peoples of Europe.

The prospect of a government without the Chambers’ confidence that brings Italy to vote, which seems to be the most probable scenario right now, opens the way for a grim scenario of degeneration of the political dialectic towards a false and deadly opposition for what remains of our democracy, on the one hand the discredited supporters of submission to the European diktats, primarily the Democratic Party and Forza Italia, and on the other the exponents of a real passive revolution intended in the Gramscian sense, with the goal to channel popular anger towards a plebiscitary authoritarianism with an unprecedented and equally dangerous profile, under Lega’s leadership even more than M5S’s.

Against these dangers, for the construction of a real democracy capable of inheriting and innovating the 1948 Constitution’s legacy, now definitively suffocated by the President of the Republic’s conduct, the duty of all sincere democrats is that of unity. To the struggle against the technocracy perched to power represented by Mattarella and to the resistance against the plebiscitary authoritarianism in any case subjected to imperialist logicsrepresented by Salvini and Di Maio, must be given a content of active revolution, of real and profound transformation of the status quo, which could credibly claim to be an alternative capable of truly and deeply healing the state of putrefaction that our society is experiencing and that the 4th of March results have been a clear demonstration of.

While making a strong call to develop full awareness of the inadequacy for that goal of the left electoral options we’ve seen in the March vote, Fronte Popolare reiterates that only a broad and serious social and political movement capable of combining the internationalist spirit with a firm defense of national sovereignty will be able to fulfill this indispensable task.

We declare at once our willingness to work together with all those who wish to try giving life to this necessary unity in the construction of a political, but also electoral, option with these characteristics. In the coming weeks we will commit ourselves to the maximum of our possibilities to bring this necessity to the center of political debate in the left and to help overcome the tactics, the wait-and-see policy and the self-referencing tendencies that, in such a critical political phase, do nothing else than distract from the real problems and remove the possibility of producing in a short time a response at the height of the democratic emergency in which the country has now fallen.

Fronte Popolare


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