It is with great sadness that we inform our members and supporters that Andy McInerney passed away on Dec. 10, 2018. Andy was a founding member of the Party for Socialism and Liberation, the editor-in-chief of Socialism and Liberation magazine, the Party’s initial publication, and a key leader in the New York City branch. He left the organization in 2013.

Throughout all his time in the Party, Andy worked tirelessly as an organizer, writer and editor. He made an outstanding contribution not only to the Party’s publications but to the development of young members, for whom he always made time as a mentor and teacher. When it came to the training of the next generation of socialists from poor and working-class communities, no question or problem was too big or too small, and in that work he never seemed to take a day off. Over many years Andy famously refused to get a cell phone — (truly cut from the cloth of the “old school” organizers) — but still managed to always make himself available for those who needed to talk. He embodied that same spirit of patience and personal attentiveness in his professional work as a math professor at Bronx Community College, where he was widely loved by his students.

Like his mentor John Black, a true militant of the working class from whom Andy learned so much, Andy was uncompromising in his principles and passed on to all the comrades around him a sense of revolutionary purpose, history and continuity. We mourn his loss, and express our solidarity and condolences to Arlen, Monica, his partner Eline and his entire family.