Joint statement: Israel must stop its murderous attacks on Palestinian journalists and people

Liberation News is a signatory to the following joint statement condemning the outrageous murder of Shireen Abu Akleh, a Palestinian journalist gunned down by an Israeli soldier. Abu Akleh was reporting on a raid being conducted by Israeli forces on a Palestinian refugee camp when she was assassinated. While cowardly murders like these are designed to have a chilling effect on those who expose Israel’s crimes, the Palestinian people’s will to resist Israeli occupation is unbroken.

We, a group of progressive news publications from around the world, condemn the brutal assassination of our colleague Shireen Abu Akleh at the hands of the Israeli Occupation Forces.

Shireen, a skilled and sensitive journalist at Al Jazeera, was covering a violent raid on the Jenin refugee camp by Israeli forces when she, and other journalists, were shot at by Israeli snipers despite being clearly identified as a journalist. Shireen, who was wearing a helmet and a bullet-proof vest, was killed by a shot to the face. Her colleague Ali al-Samoudi was also shot and injured but is recovering.

Statements released by Israeli officials and mainstream media attempting to shift responsibility for her death away from Israeli forces are irresponsible. Further, her death is not an anomaly nor accidental. Over the last several years, Palestinian journalists have been repeatedly targeted by the Israeli state, suffering judicial harassment and violence at the hands of Israeli forces. We also remember Yaser Murtaja, a Palestinian videographer and photo journalist, who was killed when covering the Great March of Return in the Gaza Strip on April 7, 2018.

We stand with the people of Palestine who continue to resist the violent Israeli apartheid regime and the brave journalists who put their lives on the line to tell their stories.

Signed by:

Palestine Chronicle

Ajans Près Popilè Ayisyèn (Haiti)

Agencia Latinoamericana de Información – ALAI

Al-Mayadeen (Lebanon)

ARG Medios (Argentina)

Barricada TV (Argentina)

Brasil de Fato (Brazil)

Breakthrough News (United States)


Cartago TV (Argentina)

Colombia Informa (Colombia)

Dialogos do Sul (Brazil)

El Ciudadano (Chile)

The Insight Newspaper (Ghana)

Jornalistas Livres (Brazil)

Kawsachun News (Bolivia)

Liberation News (United States)


Nativa (Bolivia)

NewsClick (India)

New Frame (South Africa)

Pan African Television (Ghana)

Peoples Dispatch

Pressenza International Press Agency

Radyo Rezistans (Haiti)

Reporteros de Investigación (Honduras)


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