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Lansing, Michigan, rally draws radical crowd

Photo: Demonstrators march through Lansing, Michigan, March 20. Photo credit: Marc Klockow

Approximately 250 people gathered on March 20 for a People’s March through the state capital of Lansing, Michigan. The action was called by Solidarity & Defense and Washtenaw General Defense Committee, with 17 organizations co-sponsoring and more in attendance. The main purpose of the event was to “create a mass movement that works together,” said Solidarity & Defense member Thomas.

The day began with rousing talks from people representing different organizations while attendees perused the many tables groups set up in Risdale Park, networking with other organizations for future support and actions. Speakers covered a wide array of issues including abolishing the police, providing universal health care, protecting the environment, supplying clean water for Flint, stopping evictions and the right to housing, among many other topics. 

Speakers paid special attention to fighting racial and gender violence in the wake of the Atlanta massacre, in which eight people were killed, six of them Asian women. There was a moment of silence for the victims. 

Thomas said left political organizations need “to build organizations with strong feminist positions to fight patriarchy and capitalism.” 

After the rally, the crowd marched more than three miles down main roads and through nearby residential neighborhoods. The community response was overwhelmingly positive, with many people cheering on the march from their driveways or joining the crowd. 

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