On the evening of October 5, Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh was finally confirmed, after some weeks of struggle, as the new justice for the Supreme Court, the highest court of law in the United States.

In response, women in Los Angeles gathered at Pershing Square to create a unified voice against Kavanaugh and the system’s brazen disregard for women, survivors, and the voices of those without power and property. The event began with speakers passionately declaring that women will not stand idly by and watch transphobic, women hating individuals placed in seats of such power. Following an empowering program of speakers, protesters stormed the streets of Downtown Los Angeles in fiery force, armed with slogans like “A woman’s place is in the struggle” and “No means no” to show Kavanaugh that poor and working-class women everywhere refuse to put up with his reactionary positions.

As protesters entered the Downtown tunnel, an amplified, unified voice of the people boomed its chants to all that would listen, calling onlookers to join them in the streets. Shouting “Stand up, fight back” it was soon clear that not even the LAPD could stop the large force of protesters from taking possession of the streets. Many onlookers from bars, building windows and passing cars all shouted in solidarity, some joining in the march itself.

Nearing City Hall of Los Angeles, protesters gathered at its steps, anxiously waiting to hear more voices from the oppressed crowds of women. One after another, each speaker spoke with optimism and power, exposing our system and its mistreatment of women everywhere.