A New Year’s message from René González of the Cuban Five, who have been unjustly imprisoned by the U.S. government for more than 13 years. Although René was released Oct. 7, 2011 upon completion of his sentence, he is being denied the right to return home to Cuba, a court measure that can only be understood as punishment for the Five’s mission of defending Cuba from U.S.-sponsored terrorism. He is currently serving a 3-year probation sentence in the U.S.

Dear friends:

Just a few words to express to all of you my best feelings and to wish you a happy new year 2012. I hope this to be the year when we’ll be able to meet at last in Cuba, and a point of departure for new struggles for a more fair and brotherly humanity.

Again thank you very much for everything you do, for giving us hope and for making us more optimistic, even under the most dire circumstances. To be accompanied by all of you makes us feel more humble, and at the same time more sure about the possibility of creating conscience in spite of all the resources spent on alienating the people, and in separating them from each other.

We are living in decisive times. Imperialism today takes from the periphery an hourly tribute that surpasses the one claimed by the Roman empire in an entire year. It can neither be sustained by any planet, nor put up with by any human society. By the time that bubble bursts our species will need of many more people like you.

To have you all among us right now is a blessing.

A big hug in my name, in the name of the Five, in the name of our families and on behalf of our people.