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Nikki Haley event disrupted at University of Houston

UN ambassador and war criminal Nikki Haley was set to deliver a lecture at the University of Houston’s Student Center South Theatre on May 22nd. Luckily, things did not go anywhere near according to plan, and shortly after being praised as a “champion of human rights,” Haley was confronted with the realities of her blood-splattered approach to “diplomacy.”

Mohamad Fattouh, an activist with University of Houston’s Students for Justice in Palestine stood up and reminded Haley that “The blood is on your hands. You continue to sign off on the genocide of a native people. You’re an accomplice to terrorists and colonizers.” Various members of the crowd then rose up together, some proudly waving the flag of Palestine, all chanting “Nikki, Nikki, can’t you see, you are on a killing spree! Nikki Haley you can’t hide, you signed off on genocide! Nikki Haley you will see, Palestine will be free!”

The protest was eventually forced outside by security. Liberation News spoke with Fattouh after the demonstration. He described genocide as not something that happens within a year, but rather something that “occurs after a system of plans and tactics that take decades to produce.” Haley has knowingly played her part in this system. She walked out as a Palestinian representative started speaking during a United Nations Security Council meeting discussing the Israeli massacre in Gaza that left well over 50 unarmed, nonviolent protestors dead, and over 3,100 wounded. The indiscriminate shooting of protesters by Israeli forces with “butterfly bullets,” which explode on impact, constitutes a crime against humanity. These are the tactics Haley referred to as “showing restraint.”

These Palestinian protesters were heroically demanding the right of the refugees of the Nakba to return to their occupied lands, after over 700,000 were illegally expelled from their homes. The protests also targeted the blockade of the Gaza strip, as well as the recent moving of the United States Embassy in Israel from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem.

One would wonder why an embassy is even necessary since Israel is a puppet of the United States. However, the imperialist satellite has shown that it is willing to go outside of United States supervision to pursue its own agenda, such as its previous secret meetings with Saudi Arabia, a genocidal monarchy which is also a U.S.  ally. It is therefore the duty of communists in the U.S. to stand in complete, irrevocable solidarity with the Palestinian people’s struggle for freedom and self-determination. Haley must always be reminded of the consequences of her work on behalf of imperialism, and we must not stop until Palestine is free.



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