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Ohio progressives stand with Charlottesville against white supremacy

Charlottesville, Virginia was rocked by the actions of white supremacists and fascists on August 12. Communities across the country stood up and fired back on the next day with a message that white supremacy and white nationalism will not be tolerated. Ohio was no different.

As participants in the Charlottesville “Unite the Right”  rally continue to be identified, Ohio residents came to learn that several attendees are from this state, including the terrorist who murdered Heather Heyer. Several of these fascists live within an hour of the Dayton area and Dayton responded in strong fashion.

Dayton saw its largest rally since February, when the Trump Administration attempted to institute the anti-Muslim travel ban. The crowd numbered approximately 200 attendees and a strong and resounding message of solidarity was delivered by Dayton Anti-Racist Action calling for all members of the Dayton community to stand against hate by any means necessary.

Dayton’s rally then led to a march through downtown. Led by members of Party for Socialism and Liberation from the area, the march took to the street with chants of “F*ck White Supremacy” and “No Trump, No KKK, No Fascist USA.” Downtown residents  came out on their balconies as the march went past.

Dayton is continuing with actions throughout the week. Rallies have already been planned for Thursday, Aug. 17, and Saturday, Aug. 19.

Across the state other cities hosted rallies and vigils. Columbus saw hundreds gather in Goodale Park where several community members from different activist organizations spoke and marched through the city to the steps of the Ohio Statehouse.

Cincinnati saw crowds numbering approximately 750 flood downtown in a show of force against hatred. The local Black Lives Matter chapter led the rally. The message delivered addressed the need for self-defense amongst marginalized communities.

As “Alt Right” or neo-Nazi groups remain emboldened with Trump’s not-so subtle support, the people united will continue to fight back against white terror. Socialists have historically led the charge against fascism and hatred and it is our time to continue that tradition. The country saw massive solidarity movements on Sunday. Ohio progressives stood strong that day and will continue to lead the charge in the days ahead. As the struggle against hatred and bigotry rages on, it becomes more clear that the People’s Congress of Resistance is becoming more and more relevant.

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