All over the world, Egyptians and supporters are rallying in front of embassies and other political centers to support the continuing Egyptian revolution. Since the overthrow and ouster of Hosni Mubarak in February, Egyptians have lived under military rule. The Supreme Council of Armed Forces—Mubarak’s generals—have violently suppressed mass protests aimed at toppling the remaining elements of the regime. Over the past week, at least 30 protesters have been killed by government forces.

On Nov. 25, a group of Egyptians and Egyptian-Americans in the Washington, D.C., area called a protest and rally outside the Egyptian Defense Office in downtown D.C.

Approximately 100 people rallied in support of the Egyptian revolution and against the SCAF. Protesters chanted for nearly two hours in Arabic and English. One popular chant, “ash-sha’b yurid isqat an-nizam” or “the people want to bring down the regime!” could be heard from protesters young and old. The rally called for solidarity from around the world, chanting, “SCAF, erha … GO!” and “Egypt, Egypt don’t you cry, your liberty will never die.” Protesters decried Field Marshal Hussein Tantawi, the head of the ruling military council, who has since resigned, for leading a government of torture and suppressing democracy.

As part of this solidarity movement in support of the Egyptian people, the international community has called for sit-ins and protests at Egyptian embassies all over the world. Organizers in Washington, D.C., have called for daily protests outside the Defense Office and the Embassy. Demands include the immediate termination of SCAF’s rule, stopping military trials, releasing all detainees for legal proceedings in civilian courts, and holding the military responsible for war crimes against the Egyptian people.

While the U.S. consistently supported Mubarek’s brutal regime until it became clear that such support was no longer in its interest, the people have stood their ground.

“I am Egyptian, and I have protested many times since February,” explained one young woman at Friday’s rally. “We will stay on the streets until we win freedom.”