The : 10 Years of Struggle

PSL 10-year celebration in NYC

PSL anniversary event in New York City

2004-2014: Our History and Our Vision

How can we make a revolution? Lessons of Egypt and Occupy

Revolutionaries do not have control over when or how a new crisis will develop. What we do have control over is what type of organization will be available when a revolutionary crisis does arise.

Renewing socialism after the Cold War

The fall of the Soviet Union was used to delegitimize socialism, but it can and must be revived. Capitalist rule has only delivered imperialist war, growing hunger, economic crises, poverty, racism, sexism, and oppression.

A party of action: Building the people­’s movements in the streets

Theory and politics would mean nothing without struggle. That is the other essential premise of our organization. Action is the key to progress, the only way to defeat right-wing policies and win rights, and ultimately to achieve the liberation of humanity through socialism.

Building democratic centralism: stages of Party growth and internal development

Since its inception 10 years ago, the PSL leadership and membership have focused considerable thought, effort and time on creating a revolutionary organization based on the organizational principles known as Democratic Centralism.