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Following the U.S. invasion of Iraq, why did the United States target the governments in Libya and Syria for destruction? Why did some “socialists” support these so-called revolutions that were backed by the Pentagon and NATO? Can the Pentagon ever play a progressive role? Brian Becker and Mazda Majidi make a unique contribution to the debate. This timely piece answers important questions from a truly socialist perspective. 

“Socialists and war: two opposing trends” tackles the issues through current events and historical analysis. Given that wars waged by the United States and NATO are a dominant feature of the contemporary era, this book could not be more important for those who seek to replace the current capitalist and imperialist world order with a new social system, one that is free from the scourge of militarism and endless war.

From ‘Socialists and war: two opposing trends’:

“Every war waged today by the United States and the NATO powers is a class war. The foreign policy of NATO governments is based on the needs and global interests of their own bankers and corporate elites. Imperialism is a global system, and the United States government is the anchor and leading force.

“Every military intervention, covert intelligence operation, foreign military base and military assistance project by the Pentagon and the CIA is designed to strengthen the control and domination of the U.S. capitalist class over the globe. U.S. foreign policy is based on the calculations of empire. The Athenian and Roman empires of antiquity were based on the interests of the old ruling classes. The American Empire is based on the interests of the modern ruling class—Wall Street bankers, mega-corporations and billionaires.”

About the authors: Brian Becker and Mazda Majidi are frequent contributors to Liberation newspaper and radio. Both have been active for decades in the anti-war and anti-imperialist movements. Brian Becker is the national director of the ANSWER Coalition (Act Now to Stop War and End Racism) and Mazda Majidi is a high school teacher.

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