Readers’ thoughts on Tiananmen: The massacre that wasn’t

Editor: Every so often we post a story that evokes a strong response among our readers. Brian Becker’s June 4 piece “Tiananman: The massacre that wasn’t” was one such story.  The point Becker was making was that fabricated and inaccurate reports were spun into a false narrative of a Chinese government “massacre” in Tiananmen Square. Some of the letters we received reflected the viewpoint of those unable to let go of this false narrative, as exemplified by this response by reader Charles:

Amazing, how do you sleep at night or are you that stupid.

However, we also received a number of replies from readers who appreciated Becker’s analysis and these letters speak for themselves. Following is a sampling:

Thank you Brian for the truth.

Truth Seeker:
Great article and just what I always suspected. The truth needs to be spread widely all over the Internet because too many people have been fooled by the lies. As they say, “A leopard doesn’t change its spots.” You only need to look at the long-term, habitual behavior of both the U.S. and of China to see who is more likely to be telling the truth. Unfortunately, the Chinese government makes very little mention of this incident but that should not be interpreted as having something to hide. They do occasionally mention it in terms of it being a “regrettable incident” or words to that effect but as I said, we Westerners should not assume things simply because the Chinese government does not shout out loudly, “What they are saying about us is lies!”

Great analysis. It’s a shame the global left was so defeated in ’89 that they found the Wall Street Journal/New York Times version of events believable. Hopefully now people are starting to realize who their real enemies are.

I like this article.

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