Resist threatened nationwide fascist anti-Muslim protests

Protesters in Pheonix, Az. defend mosque from anti-Muslim bigots in June, 2015.

This coming weekend fascist groups are calling for anti-Muslim actions in 20-some cities across the U.S.

These murderous groups are calling for so-called “patriots” to come out to rallies in front of mosques, Islamic community centers and other places where there are concentrations of Muslim people—worse, these groups want to strike a heightened degree of terror by calling participants to openly carry arms.

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Peace Walk in Albuquerque, New Mexico defends mosque after it was firebombed in 2014.

Other, similar rallies have been called in the past, but these fascists claim this will be the largest mobilization to date—to a large extent instigated by ruling class figures and far right demonstrations against Muslim refugees in Europe. Besides the potential to counter these fascists in the streets, there is also an active social media campaign to call on all people of conscience to defend the Muslim community and the right of all people to live without the fear of fascist terror. Check out the hashtag #HateUnchecked to see the response of people from across the country and information about mobilizations in various cities.

“I think as ugly as these fascist, anti-Islamic rallies and trends are, they can be no surprise to anyone,” said Mahmud Ahmed, from Murfreesboro, Tn., one of the communities that is expected to be targeted.

“After all, Gen. Wesley Clark suggested nearly two months ago that he believes that the internment camps used to house Japanese-Americans during WWII should now be used to detain Muslim-Americans until the ones that aren’t radicalized can be cleared,” commented Ahmed.

“Donald Trump with no political experience or expertise can actually excel in the presidential campaign polls on his willingness to be more fascist and racist than other candidates. It becomes easy to assess these actions are a part of an ongoing and escalating trend of reactionary fascist racism sweeping across parts of Europe and the United States,” added Ahmed.

The hateful rallies—although they have created a great deal of fear—are expected to be met with resistance as has been the case in the past, most recently this past summer in Phoenix, AZ, diverse community members defended an Islamic community center from the same ilk that is calling these rallies.

Hundreds came out for a Peace Walk to counter a fascist vigilante who firebombed an Islamic Community Center in Albuquerque in Oct. 2014.

People here in the U.S., as in Europe, have shown that it is right to resist these armed fascists. Their threats cannot be ignored. Only the people can push them back—the U.S. government that has been complicit in the murder of so many Arab and Muslim people worldwide will not step in to defend the community, but rather the government benefits when the people are divided by racism and fear.

Contact local coalitions and religious centers for more information how to get involved in pushing these fascists back.

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