On behalf of the Revolutionary Communist Group and Fight Racism! Fight Imperialism!, we send revolutionary greetings to the Party for Socialism and Liberation on the tenth anniversary of its foundation.

rcg_logoWe applaud your resolute stance against U.S. imperialism as it uses fascist and reactionary proxies to force people across the world to submit to its will. We think in particular of your opposition to imperialist machinations in Libya, Syria and Ukraine, machinations in which both U.S. and British imperialism are partners.

We share your support for the democratic processes taking place across Latin America, and for the Bolivarian Revolution in Venezuela. Both our organisations support socialist Cuba, and we recognise that these developments depend on the leading role that Cuba has played.

Hand in hand with the fight against imperialism goes the fight against racism – the form that national oppression takes in the imperialist heartland. The fight against racism has to be central to building a new working class movement. We hope that the present struggle of fast food workers, overwhelmingly black or Latino, across the United States, marks a new stage in working class resistance to the ruling class onslaught. We know that the PSL are supporting this struggle as socialists must, paying heed to the words of Lenin when he urged communists to bypass the privileged upper layers of the working class and go deeper into the masses.

We look forward to developing the ties that were established between our two organisations earlier this year when we met in defence of the Cuban 5. We therefore wish you success in your 10th anniversary celebrations, and hope to meet with PSL members again soon.

Forward to socialism!