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Sat. Jan. 4 National Day of Action U.S. Troops Out of Iraq!

Photo: ANSWER Coalition
Photo: ANSWER Coalition

On Saturday, January 4 the ANSWER Coalition, CODEPINK and others are calling on people from around the United States to organize local demonstrations to demand: NO MORE U.S. TROOPS TO IRAQ OR THE MIDDLE EAST! U.S. OUT OF IRAQ NOW! and NO WAR/NO SANCTIONS ON IRAN!


In response to the massive protests in Iraq following the latest U.S. aerial assault that killed scores of Iraqis, Donald Trump has ordered 750 more U.S. troops to the Middle East and potentially 3,000 more. This is in addition to the 5,200 U.S. troops already stationed in Iraq. Every U.S. president over the last 28 years has ordered the bombing of Iraq. The decision by Donald Trump and the Pentagon to launch new air assaults against Iraqis in the past week ignited nationwide resistance by Iraqis who want to reclaim their full sovereignty and do not want Iraq to be used in a U.S. war on Iran.

More than a million Iraqis have died during the past 28 years as a consequence of U.S. occupation, bombings and sanctions. Tens of thousands of U.S. troops have either been killed or suffered life-changing wounds. The U.S. government has spent more than $3 trillion dollars in the on-going occupation and bombing of this oil-rich country. Instead of taking the United States out of this endless war, Trump is building up U.S. forces in the region and threatening a war with Iran.

Initiators for this call include the ANSWER Coalition, CODEPINK, Popular Resistance, World Beyond War and many other anti-war and peace organizations. If you want to add your name as an endorser click here.

Demonstrations will also take place on Saturday, January 4 in the following cities.

  • The White House – Washington D.C. 
    12noon at the White House
  • Chicago, IL
    12noon at Trump Tower
    Initiated by ANSWER Chicago
  • Los Angeles, CA 
    1pm at Pershing Square
    Initiated by ANSWER LA
  • New York City, NY 
    11am at Time Square
    Initiated by ANSWER New York
  • San Francisco, CA 
    12noon at Powell and Market
    Initiated by ANSWER San Francisco

  • Miami, FL
    1pm at Torch of Friendship, 301 Biscayne Blvd
    Initiated by CODEPINK
  • Albuquerque, NM 
    2pm at Kirtland Airforce Base, San Mateo and Gibson Blvd
    Initiated by ANSWER New Mexico
  • Arlington, MA 
    12noon at Broadway Plaza, Mass. Ave. and Medford St
    Initiated by Arlington United for Justice with Peace (AUJP)
  • Seattle, WA
    2pm at  Victor Steinbrueck Park
    Initiated by ANSWER Seattle
  • Minneapolis, MN
    1pm at Mayday Plaza
    Initiated by Minnesota Peace Action Coalition
  • Atlanta, GA
    at Little Five Points
    Initiated by ANSWER Atlanta
  • New Haven, CT 
    3pm Sunday, January 5 at Church & Chapel Street
    Initiated by ANSWER Connecticut
  • Pittsburgh, PA 
    12noon at Schenley Plaza
    Initiated by ANSWER Pittsburgh
  • Denver, CO
    Event details to be announced
    Initiated by ANSWER Denver

To have an event organized in your city listed above click here!


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