Put the assets and profits of the
banks under the people’s control to:

  • Fund a massive jobs program! Jobs
    for all with union wages, rights and benefits. Full rights for all workers
    regardless of citizenship or legal status.
  • Provide free education for all—cancel
    student debt!
    Fund free, quality education for everyone from Pre-K
    through college,
  • End all foreclosures and evictions!
    Abolish interest payments to the banks—access to affordable housing for

By seizing, or expropriating, the
assets and profits of the major private banks that are owned by the richest of
the 1% and putting those funds in a democratically controlled and publicly
owned People’s Bank, we can have an economy that serves the 99%.

  • The case
    for seizing or expropriating the banks is straightforward. It does not
    include expropriating individuals’ bank deposits.
  • The
    bankers torpedoed the economy through their fraud, corruption and criminal
    acts in pursuit of super profits for billionaires.
  • Millions
    of workers lost their jobs because of the bankers’ greed. The unemployed
    did nothing wrong. They lost everything because the 1% control and profit
    from banking.
  • Today,
    millions of families are losing their homes because the same banks are
    evicting them when they can’t keep up with their interest/mortgage
    payments to the banks.
  • Millions
    of college graduates cannot pay their student loans because they cannot
    find decent jobs due to the actions of the bankers, which destroyed vast
    parts of the economy.
  • As long
    as banks, finance and credit exist to make the 1% ever richer, the 99%
    will get ever poorer.
  • By
    seizing the banks and using their vast assets to meet the needs of the 99%
    rather than the 1%, a truly massive jobs program could be created so that
    every person could work.
  • By
    seizing the banks, there could be an immediate end to all housing
    foreclosures. The bankers wouldn’t get interest payments, but working
    families could remain in their homes.
  • By
    seizing the banks and removing the profit motive from the credit system,
    student loans could be immediately canceled. Student loans total $1
    trillion. That’s obscene. Education should not be a privilege and a source
    of profit for the 1%. Education should be free and a guaranteed right
    available to all young people.
  • The
    control of the banks and credit by the 1% is not the consequence of divine
    mandate. Why should such a critical lever of the modern economy be in the
    hands of the super rich? Why should we tolerate a system that allows a
    handful of bankers to amass profits and fortunes greater than those of the
    worst despots and monarchs of medieval Europe?
  • By
    creating a national People’s Bank, with open books and under the
    democratic control and administration of the 99%—including representatives
    from local community and neighborhood organizations; working families,
    students and youth; locally elected officials; unions; small business
    people; grassroots environmental organizations, and others—we can begin
    the process of reorganizing the economy to meet human needs.
  • Banks,
    like all corporations, are not people. They are paper entities, which
    exist solely because laws and society permit them to exist. They have no
    inherent and inalienable rights, not even the right to exist. Today, they
    exist to maximize the wealth of the 1%. We say the banking function should
    be used to maximize the well-being of society, the 100%. Since banks have
    no rights, there is no wrong—indeed, there are life altering benefits—in
    seizing the banking function and placing it under the people’s democratic