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Smashing patriarchy and winning LGBTQ liberation. Excerpts from the Program of the Party for Socialism and Liberation

A march organized by the Cuban National Center for Sexual Education, which carries out public campaigns against homophobia with support from the revolutionary government

Originally published in Liberation Newspaper, June 2015

Abolishing patriarchy—the system of male domination and gendered property relations that produced the oppression of LGBTQ people – is a top priority in a socialist revolution. The following is composed of excerpts from “Socialism and Liberation in the United States: What we are fighting for,” the Program of the PSL. In it, we lay out just some of the immediate steps a new, revolutionary government of poor and working people will take to bring about liberation for LGBTQ people.

The collective experience of the civil rights, women’s, immigrant rights and LGBTQ movements is now blended into the U.S. working-class experience and is something to draw from as it gains consciousness of itself. The critical role that racism, sexism and anti-LGBTQ bigotry play in dividing workers continues to exist—but the material basis for overcoming these divisions is greater.

More importantly, it is now objectively possible to build a unified workers’ movement with a multinational leadership. In fact, the very real opportunity of political leadership by the historically most oppressed sectors puts the working class today in a stronger position to struggle for power.

• There shall be a complete separation of church and state, with no one religion favored over another and no favoring of religion over the absence of religion.

• No law shall be enacted that discriminates against people based on nationality, gender, sexual orientation or gender expression. The new government shall take it as the highest priority to remedy the legacy of institutionalized divisions and inequalities perpetuated against wide sectors of the working class that had continued without respite for hundreds of years, by measures of affirmative action and other measures.

• All forms of bigotry, discrimination, or the promotion of hatred against lesbians, gays, bisexuals and transgender people, or against anyone on the basis of their sexual orientation or gender expression, shall be eliminated, including in marriage rights, employment, housing, adoption and health care. It shall be prohibited to advocate any form of bigotry, discrimination or hatred against LGBTQ people.

• No law or measure shall give preference in word or in deed that favors heterosexual relationships over other relationships.

• There shall be a sustained public education campaign promoting the goals of multinational working-class unity and international solidarity, the advancement of women’s rights, the promotion of respect of sexual orientation and gender expression, as well as exposing the evils of racism, sexism, anti-LGBTQ bigotry, xenophobia and national chauvinism.


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