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We are in solidarity with all U.S. people standing against racism!

10609521_521416087992288_5184038086192373650_nJustice for Mike Brown!

The Communist Party, Turkey stands in solidarity with the people of Ferguson, with all the people who are out on the streets in various cities and towns across the United States challenging the U.S. justice system to demand justice for Mike Brown and the prosecution of his murderer Darren Wilson. We stand in solidarity with all the people who are involved in the struggle against racism and  racist police brutality.

With a Black person murdered every 28 hours in the United States, we realize that racism is deeply entrenched in the U.S. justice system and the police terror unleashed on oppressed Black and Latino working class communities coupled with mass incarceration is the only way to maintain the capitalist order that is based on the exploitation of the many for the benefit of a minority.

Resistance is a testament to the strength and resilience of the oppressed. From Turkey to Palestine to the United States, the heart of imperialism, resistance is a permanent feature of unjust societies, an assertion of human dignity.

It is our sincere hope that the resistance movement inspired by Ferguson turns into a broad mass movement that is ultimately dedicated to overthrowing capitalism in the heart of the empire itself.

With that in mind, the Communist Party, Turkey also sends its revolutionary greetings and solidarity to the Party for Socialism and Liberation which has been active in all these struggles and has played an important role in organizing many of the ongoing protests.

Down with racism!
Down with capitalism!
Victory to the people’s struggle!

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