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Solidarity with anti-racist Syracuse students

The following statement by the Party for Socialism and Liberation is in solidarity with an on-going sit-in in response to a series of racist incidents that have occurred at Syracuse University in New York State.

White supremacy has always undergirded and characterized campus life at Syracuse University. However, a series of racist graffiti has emboldened white supremacists on campus, which has recently culminated in a white nationalist manifesto being “airdropped” to individuals at a university library, the same one shared by the gunman in the Chirstchurch massacre in New Zealand. The response by the administration has been poor and piecemeal at best.

#NOTAGAINSU has been sitting-in the new and highly expensive “Barnes Center” for the past seven days. The Party for Socialism and Liberation is in complete solidarity with and supports the on-going sit-in. There is always enough money for multi-million dollar additions to the university, such as superficial walkways, renovations to the Carrier Dome, or the Barnes Center itself, but never enough to meet the needs of students of color and other oppressed groups on campus. Only though direct-action can we defeat white supremacy.

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