Solidarity with Cuba: Heroic rescue efforts amid Hotel Saratoga tragedy

Photo: Cuban rescue workers at the Hotel Saratoga. Credit: Granma/José Manuel Correa

The Party for Socialism and Liberation extends our heartfelt condolences to the Cuban people for the lives lost in the tragedy of the Hotel Saratoga explosion in Havana. We hope for the full recovery of the people injured in the blast of the hotel and surrounding area.

In the midst of the rubble, firefighters and civil defense rescuers and civilians worked quickly to save lives, extricate the wounded and recover the fallen. It is inspiring that within an hour, thousands of Cubans volunteered to donate blood and help in other ways. Those humanitarian acts are the solidarity and collective spirit that the Cuban people are known for.

We know that Cuba bears an imposed and unnecessary burden in recovering from disasters like hurricanes and accidents like the Hotel Saratoga, due to the restrictions of the asphyxiating U.S. economic blockade.

We stand in solidarity with the Cuban people in this difficult time and always.

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