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Solidarity with those fighting to defend Venezuela’s Bolivarian Revolution!

Statement from the Party for Socialism and Liberation (PSL) – U.S.

The Party for Socialism and Liberation extends its fullest solidarity with the government of Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro, the PSUV and all the people fighting to defend the Bolivarian Revolution. We denounce the increasing violence and terror by the right-wing opposition, whose only objective is to overturn the great social struggle that was first launched by revolutionary leader Hugo Chávez. His dream of a just society and sovereign Venezuela that inspired many millions of Venezuelans has never had a moment’s peace.

Whether by coup or oil sabotage or terrorism or economic warfare, U.S. imperialism continues to fund, organize and encourage an internal opposition, as well as seek its right-wing allies in the OAS and other governments to interfere in Venezuela’s internal affairs. We reject the concocted lies and false accusations meant to demonize government leaders in order to justify interventionist plots such as those attempted by OAS head Luis Almagro.

While President Maduro and his government have called for peace and dialogue, the opposition is calling for more violence and outright overthrow of the democratically elected president. Facing this danger, the government has a right and duty to defend the Constitutional order and the people against a coup.

We demand an end to all U.S. destabilization efforts against the Venezuelan people and government. Together with peoples around the world who tomorrow, April 19, are mobilizing in defense of President Maduro, the Bolivarian Revolution and the Venezuelan people, the PSL stands side-by-side with our sisters and brothers, to say:

¡No Pasarán!
Long Live the Legacy of Hugo Chávez!
Long Live the Bolivarian Revolution!


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