Japan Communist League: Solidarity message

Dear comrades of the Party for Socialism and
Liberation (PSL) and participants of the Conference,

Thank you for the invitation to the national public conference on
socialism in Los Angeles
coming November 13-14. We believe the project is very important and timely.

Unfortunately, we really regret we can not directly participate in the
conference, for the imperialist-led APEC meeting will be held on the same days
in Japan
and we are scheduled to launch anti-APEC mobilization in Yokohama, Japan.

We hereby extend our solidarity and hope the conference will be
successful to advance international movement for socialism.

In contrast to the imperialists’ desire and empty promise, the global
economy can not get out of the grave depression. The governments and business
elites have no way out than to victimize workers and people. They depend only
on ‘public support’ from the tax to help the big business out, which in reality
does not promise more jobs for workers but only assure huge profit for
capitalists. In a word capitalist system is exposing day by day that it will
never secure the least standard of living of mankind and should be replaced by
socialist system. Today more and more people start to realize it. This is
universal phenomenon, not only in Japan, but throughout the world.

Here in Japan
we are also resolute to tackle with our duty under the current situation as
revolutionary workers’ party.

We are elated to learn of your revolutionary works and pay respect to
your persevering organizing work in the belly of the beast.

We understand PSL is always in the front of the people’s campaign. For
the past decade we have been encouraged by great anti-war mobilizations based
on anti-imperialist orientation in the U.S. It was most inspiring when you
took the initiative in the anti-war demonstration just after the September 11

At the same time you put priority on unity with oppressed people,
migrant workers, and organizing working class.

Above all, PSL is most positive in anti-imperialist propaganda for
socialism and publicly present the class-based analysis to the public as much
as possible, which is urgent and indispensible duty for the revolutionary party

We are sure our comrades and friends in the U.S. will have fruitful
discussions, foster ever-growing faith in socialism and build further unity in
the conference, and would be glad to be shared the fruit in the days to come.

In solidarity,

October 24, 2010

Jun Sugiyama
Secretary, International Department
Japan Communist League (JCL)


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