Tribute to Lucius Walker

As we hear from and about people
who courageously struggle for a better world, we must take some time to
remember our friend and ally, the Reverend Lucius Walker, who died in September
of this year.

Lucius was active in many different
struggles for justice in his lifetime. But most of us here tonight knew Lucius
best for his tireless work in solidarity with Cuba. He was the director of the
Inter-religious Foundation for Community Organization and Pastors for Peace. In
July 2010, he led the 21st U.S.-Cuba Friendshipment Caravan to challenge the U.S. blockade
of Cuba.

Pastors for Peace organized the first caravan
to Cuba
in 1992, an extremely difficult moment for the Revolution. Cuba had just
lost the Soviet Union as a trading partner and
the U.S.
imperialists tightened the blockade. So, Lucius and others launched a
delegation from the United
States to deliver medical and material goods
to Cuba.

I participated in the Pastors for Peace Caravan
to Cuba
in 2002, where I had the honor of working with Lucius Walker. He was always a
thoughtful leader. And his work meant so much to the Cuban people.

Ricardo Alarcón, President of Cuba’s National
Assembly, said:  “We Cubans are eternally grateful to Lucius Walker … and
to Pastors for Peace for their constant struggle against the cruel blockade. …
Lucius will always be with us, he will be reborn in the struggle until

In 1998, Lucius joined the Iraq Sanctions
Challenge, traveling to Iraq
with Ramsey Clark, and current PSL leaders Brian Becker, Gloria La Riva and Sarah
Sloan to deliver medical aid in defiance of the U.S. government’s blockade. In
2001, Pastors for Peace joined the steering committee of the ANSWER Coalition,
which held the first demonstrations opposing the impending U.S. war drive.

Lucius was courageous and always dedicated to
justice. We in the PSL honor his legacy by continuing to work against the
blockade of Cuba,
to Free the Cuban 5 and to bring justice and equality to all people. Lucius
Walker Presente!

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