Mounther Al Zaidi: Fighters for Freedom Award Statement

Ladies and Gentlemen

I thank you with all my heart for this honor you have
bestowed upon me. This honor is for all the Iraqi people and the Iraqi victims.

This honor is a clear sign that most Americans did not agree
with Bush’s war against Iraq.
I am sorry to tell you that many of my people do not differentiate between the
American soldier who fires at them and violates their homes and those who
oppose the war and struggle so it can stop. There’s a huge gap between people
and their governments. That’s why we find that most Americans do not
differentiate between those fascists who use Islam and kill in its name and
those who believe in true Islam that forbids that. And that’s why I would like
to extend an Olive branch between out two peoples so we can start a new era of
peace and to move past the pain that the Bush Administration inflicted on the
Iraqi people.

I also would call for justice to prevail by asking you to
help us bring all those who committed war crimes against the Iraqi people so
they can face International Law and Justice. Only this would bring confront to
the Martyrs in their graves and would wipe the pain and injustice that the
mothers ,widows and orphans have.

Once again I thanks from the bottom of my heart for this

Mounther Al Zaidi

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