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Tacoma activists clean encampments, dump trash at city manager’s doorstep

On January 30, activists with Tacoma Housing Now in concert with the residents of local houseless encampments dumped over 200 bags of trash on the doorstep of City Manager Elizabeth Pauli in Tacoma, Washington. The message: Provide services like trash pickup and housing to our houseless community. Pay for it by firing her and killer cops!

THN activist Wolf explained to Liberation News: “Last week a cop was caught on camera plowing through an assembled crowd, and nearly a year ago other officers executed Manny Ellis. All of these murderers are still on the force with city manager Pauli’s blessing. Pauli has enacted a consistent program of increasing funding for and protecting killer cops while allowing our neighbors to live in dangerous and unsanitary conditions during a global pandemic.

“Our action today was meant to bring attention to these conditions and express how the Tacoma community feels about our friends and family being murdered with impunity. Current conditions for houseless folks in Tacoma are unacceptable and we plan to continue these trash dumps until the demands of our community are met.”

Photos: Tacoma Housing Now.

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