The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee rolled out a potential slogan for a bumper sticker that reads, “Democrats 2018: I mean, have you seen the other guys?” The catchphrase which could be mistaken for a joke, encapsulates everything that is wrong with the Democratic party. Their current approach consists of marketing themselves solely on the basis of not being Republicans, all while offering no alternative platform for the country.

Under the guidance of the Democratic Party, Hillary Clinton used this strategy in the last presidential campaign and counted primarily on the misconception that people in the U.S. would never elect such an abhorrent character as Donald Trump. The world saw the outcome of this tactic: a Trump victory.

After such a catastrophic loss of what could have been an easily-won election, one would think that the Democrats would do a postmortem analysis and engineer a new plan to inspire voters. However, the laughable slogan shows that they are sticking with their failing method in order to cling onto the little power that they have left. The Democrats’ approach will ensure more election losses on a broad scale.

The Democratic Party’s inability to offer an inspirational bumper sticker, let alone an actual vision for the country, indicates that they have absolutely nothing to offer working class and oppressed people. Since the inauguration of Trump, they have not proposed any new legislation that would improve the lives of the majority of Americans. Instead, they have only been “resisting” Republican bills. It is impossible to make any gains solely playing defense, but clearly the objective of the Democrats is to maintain the status quo.

Considering the dismal state of people’s access to healthcare which will worsen if Trumpcare passes, why haven’t the Democrats thrown all their energies wholeheartedly behind Rep. John Conyers’ bill H.R.676 the Expanded & Improved Medicare for All Act?

The answer is they are using all of their time and effort proclaiming themselves the party of “resistance” while offering no solutions to issues affecting the vast majority of the population. The working class needs leadership that will address some of the country’s biggest problems by providing a Medicaid for all healthcare system, ameliorating economic inequality, creating new jobs by fixing our crumbling infrastructure, ending the racist prison industrial complex, abolishing the violent police state, and restructuring the broken educational system. The list of possible progressive reforms is limitless, but not according to the Democratic party which has a seemingly limited imagination.

Since Trump’s inauguration, the Democrats have accomplished very little for the betterment of the people. The supposedly left-leaning party in the plutocracy may not have any solutions to issues affecting hundreds of millions of people’s lives, but hey, at least they aren’t Republicans.