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The workers’ struggle in the streets of San Francisco

Thousands of workers and immigrants came out to the streets this May Day in solidarity with one another. Today’s action placed a special emphasis on immigrant rights in response to the racist assault against people of color that is the hallmark of the Trump Administration.

Demands for “sanctuary cities” and “full rights for immigrants” could be heard throughout Market Street. A broad coalition of workers were represented in the march from labor unions to immigrant rights organizers and students. The Party for Socialism and Liberation had a strong showing in the march and chants of “No Ban, No Wall. Amnesty for all” were well received by the crowd.

What was especially striking about the crowd was the incredible diversity of workers who participated. Chinese, Latino, and Muslim immigrants were all well represented along with the LGBTQ community, women, and youth. In spite of all the differences of these many groups, the common struggle against capitalism and the exploitation of workers brought the people
together. This diverse crowd demonstrated that a better world is possible. A world in which the great diversity of humanity is no longer a division but a source of unity and strength. Today May Day reminded us of the power of the class struggle to unite the people against the billionaire class; like Trump and his cronies.

PSL 2016 presidential candidate Gloria LaRiva had the opportunity to address the crowd at the end of the march and spoke of the struggle of immigrant peoples for jobs and justice. LaRiva reminded the crowd that the workers’ struggle is not only for immigrant rights but against U.S.
imperialism which makes refugees of so many people by bombing or starving their nations. So many who come to the United States are victims of U.S. wars such as Hondurans whose country is under a dictatorship thanks to Hillary Clinton’s support for its right wing regime or Palestinians forced from their country by the U.S. -backed apartheid state of Israel. It is not enough to say that immigrants should be welcome here. We must also ensure they are welcome in their own homes should they choose to live there.

To truly win the healthcare, housing, and jobs that workers deserve we must unite in solidarity and remember that the workers’ struggle has no borders. An injury to one is an injury to all! Viva el Dia de Mayo!

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