The U.S. government has been called on another lie regarding the
“progress” of the war on Afghanistan. According to the U.S. Agency for
International Development, “more than 85 percent of the [Afghan]
population has access to some form of health care, up from 9 percent in
2002.” (

But health workers in Afghanistan say that
this statistic is vastly inflated. According to the Afghan minister of
public health and other officials, 85 percent of Afghanistan’s districts
have one health facility. Not every Afghan living in each district has
access to that one facility. A Dec. 5 U.N. statement says, “only 52
percent of the rural population have access to a health facility within
one hour walking distance.” ( The country has the second
highest maternal mortality rate in the world.

The Obama
administration is telling outright lies in an attempt to justify this
imperialist war. The truth is that U.S. intervention is to blame for the
poor state of health in Afghanistan.