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War Criminal George W. Bush Confronted

This interview is an episode of The Socialist Program with Brian Becker, a podcast providing news and views about the world for those who want to change it. You can follow the show on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

On today’s “In the News” roundtable, Brian Becker and Esther Iverem discuss how George W. Bush was directly confronted at a Los Angeles speaking event by anti-war organizers including an Iraq war veteran who said that Bush was personally responsible for hundreds of thousands of deaths. They also discuss how there are 126,000 fewer childcare workers today than at the start of the pandemic, and the end of the Nabisco workers strike with the approval of a new union contract.

Brian and Esther are joined by Mike Prysner and Marissa Sanchez, ANSWER Coalition organizers who protested George W. Bush in Los Angeles. Mike Prysner is an Iraq war veteran.

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