As workers across the University of California System strike we are witnessing one of the most significant labor upsurges this year

Three big reasons all workers should support striking UC workers

  1. The rich UC system is paying poverty wages and offering tiny increases. If the pressure of 50,000 striking workers can force the UC administration to pay a living wage, it will create the environment where the demands of all workers for pay justice will be stronger.
  2. The workers are resisting the demand to cut pension rights for new workers, switching them from a secure amount after decades of work to a system with no security. It’s time that all workers have a right to a decent, livable, dependable pension. If it can be won here, then other employers will have to think twice about cuts and an example will have been set for all those with no pension.
  3. AFSCME workers are striking to win better patient care with more staffing. Everyone who has had to wait for care knows the problem. Everyone who has gone to a store and seen long lines and couldn’t find anyone to help knows the problem in a larger sense. If the strike can force UC to increase staff, the struggle for full staffing everywhere will be lifted to a new level

The UC System has sent letters to workers encouraging them to scab, to cross a workers’ picket line and weaken the struggle for justice and fairness. The letters are almost a desperate attempt at intimidation in order to stop a tidal wave demanding UC action.

The strength of mass action is the antidote to the fear that every employer tries to use to keep workers in their place. Everyone on the picket lines can feel that strength.

Nearly every union in the UC system is standing in solidarity this week.

The community is standing in solidarity with the UC workers.

The Party for Socialism and Liberation is proud to be with the workers on the line and standing for justice.