World War III? Pressure mounts on Biden to launch war on Russia with ‘no-fly zone’

Download and distribute a brochure being passed out across the country explaining the extreme danger of a “no-fly zone.”

The universal praise among politicians and in the corporate media for Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy’s March 16 speech to the U.S. Congress conceals the profoundly dangerous demands he raised. Most concerning is his call for the imposition of a “no-fly zone” — shooting down Russian aircraft to prevent them from flying over Ukraine. Pressure is continuing to build on the Biden administration to change its stance and carry out an escalation that will potentially have the gravest consequences for the whole world.

Both Democrats and Republicans lauded Zelenskyy as a hero and defender of freedom and democracy, reflecting the elite consensus that exists in favor of pursuing a policy of aggression and confrontation towards Russia. Republicans, however, criticized Biden. Top Senate Republican Mitch McConnell said after the speech, “Our own president needs to step up his game. We’re not doing nearly enough quickly enough to help.” While continuing to resist calls for a no-fly zone, Biden announced an $800 million package of military aid right after Zelenskyy’s speech to head off criticism, including the transfer of advanced drone technology.    

Many people who are rightfully shocked at the human suffering caused by Russia’s invasion support providing military assistance of one kind or another to Ukraine. But U.S. intervention will only make peace an even more distant prospect. Only deescalation and negotiation can end the bloodshed. 

To give his appeal a humanitarian veneer, Zelenskyy quoted Martin Luther King — one of the most prominent opponents of war in history — in his speech calling for a no-fly zone. But the reality is that such a move could lead to the most devastating war the world has ever seen. A no-fly zone is not simply a decree issued by the United States that will bring a halt to Russia’s bombing campaign in Ukraine. It is a military operation in which U.S. fighter jets and missile systems would shoot down Russian aircraft. Russia would of course consider this to be a declaration of war, and an all-out military conflict between the two largest nuclear-armed powers in the world would be just a step away. All peace-loving people must oppose a “no-fly zone” — which is just a more acceptable way to say “going to war with Russia.” 

There are several other extreme measures currently on the table, including a scheme to supply the Ukrainian air force with new jets. This too would be a highly reckless escalation. If jets were to fly from NATO bases into Ukraine to be used by Ukrainian pilots to fight Russia, that too could be interpreted as an act of war that would make legitimate military targets out of the bases the jets originated from.  

Establishing a lasting peace in Ukraine means tackling the underlying causes of the war. The U.S. imperialist establishment views the people of Ukraine as pawns in its broader geopolitical confrontation with Russia. They want to ensure that Wall Street and the Pentagon reign supreme in the world, and they view Russia as a threat to that global order. The NATO military alliance — which since its formation has been an offensive alliance aimed against Russia — must pledge to never incorporate Ukraine into its ranks or use the country’s territory as a staging ground for military bases and advanced weapons. NATO and Russia could then engage in a mutual demilitarization in Eastern Europe, stepping back from the brink of catastrophic global war.

To combat the deluge of pro-war propaganda — and the censorship of opponents of war — the Party for Socialism and Liberation is distributing tens of thousands of brochures in cities and towns across the country titled, “Why We Should All Oppose a ‘No-Fly Zone’ Over Ukraine.” If people really knew what a “no-fly zone” meant, they would oppose it. Now is the time to go into the streets and speak out! You can download the brochure to print and distribute here.

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