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“The world is facing unprecedented crises, none of which can be solved within the existing capitalist system. The need for the radical reorganization of society on a socialist basis has never been greater or more urgent,” said Gloria La Riva in announcing her 2020 presidential candidacy as the nominee of the Party for Socialism and Liberation. La Riva’s vice-presidential running mate is the renowned Native leader and political prisoner Leonard Peltier. Sign up today!

The Party for Socialism and Liberation is comprised of leaders and activists, workers and students, of all backgrounds. Organized in branches across the country, our mission is to link the everyday struggles of oppressed and exploited people to the fight for a new world. Interested in joining? Click here!

Breaking The Chains

Breaking The Chains (Vol 4, No. 2): Not a Moral Issue

The right-wing campaign to overturn Roe v. Wade has reached a critical moment. This issue of the magazine, “Not a Moral Issue,” articulates a Marxist understanding of reproductive rights and a socialist feminist perspective toward building the movement needed to defend Roe v Wade and expand the struggle for women’s liberation.