Aug. 12 protest in New Paltz, New York

A total of 51 demonstrators took part in a picket line in New Paltz, N.Y., Saturday, Aug. 12, to protest against Israel’s wars against Lebanon and Gaza. The event was called in solidarity with the major protests the same day in Washington, San Francisco, Los Angeles and other cities.

This was the third protest in different local communities in as many weeks organized by the Hudson Valley Activist Newsletter and Mid-Hudson ANSWER. Previous actions took place in Kingston and Rosendale.

The main slogan at the New Paltz action was “Israel Out of Lebanon and Gaza. U.S. Out of the Middle East.”

The two-hour picket line on Main St. attracted activists from several nearby communities. Thousands of cars passed the demonstrators on this busy thoroughfare. Considering the total support from Washington and the U.S. mass media for Israel?s brutal attacks, a surprising number of vehicles honked horns of support for the protest.

The broad anti-Iraq-war movement in the Hudson Valley has been slow to respond to Israel?s attacks against Gaza and Lebanon. Indeed, a sector of the antiwar forces supports Israeli aggression, while others have remained silent. Conducting small protests in different villages is intended to generate deeper understanding of the issues throughout the area and spread the news of a vocal opposition.

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