Protest in solidarity with the people of Oaxaca

Nearly 200 people gathered outside the Mexican Consulate to protest the political killings in Oaxaca and the recent


Photo: Chris Banks

police repression. The speeches, chants, and signs of the day showed absolute support and solidarity with the demands and actions of the people of Oaxaca.

The demands include an immediate end to the brutal repression being carried out by the Mexican federal police against the people of Oaxaca and the resignation of Oaxaca’s governor Ulises Ruiz.

After two hours of protesting, the demonstrators demanded the Consul General come down and address the crowd. When staff members of the consulate communicated to the organizers that the Consul General refused to speak to the crowd, the chanting got more militant and one protester taped an APPO poster to the consulate’s window.

The crowd also honored Brad Will, an independent journalist killed by the Mexican police in Oaxaca last week.

Similar solidarity protests happened on Oct. 30 and will occur later in the week.

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