LAPD to blame for May Day brutality

On Oct. 9, the Los Angeles Police Department released a 90-page report faulting its policies, officer training and commander communication for an attack on the May Day immigration rally in MacArthur Park.

More than two dozen officers are under investigation and could face discipline for using excessive force on the demonstrators and reporters covering the demonstration. The LAPD characterized the report as taking responsibility for their actions.
The immigrant community in Los Angeles has been subjected to regular harassment and brutality at the hands of the LAPD. The report does nothing to remedy the systemic racism, violence and rampant corruption of the LAPD. 

Few changes will ultimately come. Understanding that the police are a tool of repression used by the capitalist class against workers is important to place the report in proper perspective.

Police Chief William Bratton should be fired, along with all the cops who beat and shot at protesters on May 1. Nothing short of that is an acceptable outcome.

Click here to read more about LAPD brutality on May 1, 2007.

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