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A change in U.S. strategy for the destabilization of Venezuela

Originally posted on Rebelión on Jan. 31, 2023

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On March 5, 2022, the anniversary of the death of Commander Hugo Chávez (nothing is a coincidence), a U.S. government delegation arrived in Caracas. Joe Biden’s emissaries had a clear objective: given the impossibility of guaranteeing the oil supply due to the conflict between the United States/NATO and Russia, with Ukraine as a proxy, they wanted to negotiate the reduction of sanctions on the Venezuelan oil industry and the entry into that market of the American company Chevron.

Recently, and also in a related way, we have learned of two other events. In the first place, the Spanish Ambassador in Venezuela handed over his credentials to Nicolás Maduro, which implies that the government of Pedro Sánchez stops recognizing the puppet Guaidó (the United States had previously done so, and the European Union will soon do so). and explicitly places the only legitimate government that exists in Venezuela as the only interlocutor.

A couple of days earlier, the Venezuelan government announced that it would be the Foreign Minister and not President Maduro who would travel to Buenos Aires to participate in the Summit of Heads of State of the Community of Latin American and Caribbean States (CELAC) in view of the information obtained on a plan by the neo-fascist right to carry out a series of attacks against the Venezuelan delegation and its head of state.

We announced part of this plan last week, with due caution and care for the sources, in the text entitled “From the FTAA to CELAC, US interference does not stop.”

So what is happening in Venezuela? Can we think that there is a relaxation of the “pressure” measures promoted by the United States and the European Union against the Bolivarian Revolution? The answer is no.

It happens that the strategy of violence, guarimbas, international pressure, economic blockade focused on the oil industry and Guaidó’s self-proclamation, has not given results and the presidential elections are approaching in a few months, elections to which the Venezuelan opposition arrives weak and Nicolás Maduro and the PSUV arrive with strength and many possibilities of repeating the victory of 2018.

As part of this change in strategy in recent times, an organization called “Movimiento Ciudadano 21 de Noviembre” (MC-21N) was formed, whose subversive strategy has the objective of overthrowing the government of Nicolás Maduro, causing a scenario of ungovernability in the next four months. In this strategy they will make an effort to add discontented sectors of Venezuelan society, focusing especially on the health and education sector, and on some social leaders.

The “MC-21N” movement proposes in its non-public documents to which we have had access, to initiate a campaign of destabilization under the banner of democratic freedom, respect for human rights, release of the so-called political prisoners and intensification of denunciations of corruption in the Venezuelan government.

One of their main battlefields will be the social networks, where with foreign aid they will set up fake news media campaigns denouncing the supposed malaise of the population with the aim of regenerating a climate of protests, and since the violent path did not work, they will formally use the modality of non-violent passive resistance. The objective: to demand the resignation of Nicolás Maduro, accusing him of being a dictator and a narcoterrorist.

Likewise, the “MC-21N” organization has been instructed by external forces to work on the cooptation of active and retired officers of the Bolivarian National Armed Forces (FANB), aiming at high-ranking positions. The “MC-21N” is directing its members to organize regional intelligence cards in order to provide updated information on the government, the army and the popular sectors, as well as sensitive and real-time information on PDVSA. The recommendation they make if they are detained is to insist that they act on their own behalf to divert the attention of the Venezuelan security forces.

The “MC-21N”, officially created in October 2021, pretends to be an NGO, but it is clearly a far-right political organization whose objective, despite disseminating attempts to distance itself from the violent actions of the past, remains a violent way out for Venezuela, without ruling out, if possible, the assassination of Nicolás Maduro Moros.

Among its members is the Venezuelan oppositionist José Patines, a self-defined as anti-communist and anti-Chavista, who has been publicly supporting Guaidó.

The strategy that the “MC-21N” is currently defining coincides with the unconventional war actions promoted by the United States against Venezuela and other progressive countries. Its President, William Jiménez, is a high-ranking member of an inter-American federation of lawyers based in Washington.

The November 21 Citizen Movement receives financing from “Creative Associates” of Costa Rica, known for having articulated with USAID financing the Zunzuneo Network against the Cuban Revolution, which reveals a level of articulation with the centers of political-ideological subversion promoted by US intelligence services.

It is impossible to separate what is happening in Venezuela from the coup in Bolivia, the parliamentary coup against Pedro Castillo in Peru or the assault on democracy in Brazil by Bolsonarismo. And all the clues from the south point to the north…

Originally posted on Rebelión on Jan. 31, 2023

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